Megalithic Sites in the Usk Valley  16 May 2016

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The Grey Hill Alignment 

The Horfield Common Alignment

The Fishstone Alignment.

1.  Staunton Gloucestershire. Long Stone.

SO 5593-1206

Beside the A4136 (alternative route to A40 to Monmouth) on N side about 1 mile east of Staunton.
2.   Glangrwyny. Cwrt y Gollen.

Large standing stone in field on right (N) of the A40 near Glangwyrny to the West of Crickhowell.  Layby opposite and also (further to the west) on same side of road.  Impressive.
3.     Llangenny. Golden Grove.

 SO 23962-17829.  

Small stone in a field in a very pretty setting beside the Grwyne Fawr, a small, rapidly flowing river to the west of Crickhowell.  Cross the bridge and park at the Dragon's Head.  Bluebells everywhere.

4. Standing Stone.  236-188

To N of Llangenny, further up the valley of the Grwyne Fawr. Marked on map as in woodland to left of road as you ascend the valley.  I found a recumbent stone which could have fallen within the last five years or so. An attached clod (top right of picture) suggests uprooted earth carried by the stone as  it fell.  More bluebells !
5.   Gwern Vale Chambered Tomb

SO 211- 192

 Beside the A40 on N side about 1 mile W of the centre of Crickhowell.  Typical ruined passage-tomb of the Severn-Cotswold type.  Much overgrown with ivy.
6.   Penmyarth. Fish Stone.

SO 1829-1986

Majestic stone in a meadow beside the Usk with Tor y Foel in the background to the west.  Bears three large putative cup marks one above the other on the E face.  A smaller stone stands in the graveyard of the nearby mortuary chapel (below).  Not certain whether this is a real one.  There is also a recumbent stone in front of the chapel.  Lots of bluebells.

7. Tretower Standing Stone.

SO 180-219

Medium sized stone in a hedge .  Acess from the A479, N of Tretower.  Not found on this expedition.
8.  Bwlch. Standing Stone

SO 150-219

In a loop of the A40 W of Crickhowell.  Access from a gate on W side of road.  Small stone standing below a spring, and beside what could have been a pond or small lake at one time - a strange circularish depression in the ground.  Bears a conspicuous deep cup mark.

9. Llangynidr.  Llwyn y Fedwen.  Gliffaes Stone.

SO 156-204

Large (15 ft) bulky stone in a field above the mediaeval bridge crossing the Usk.  Visible from the road (left as you descend).  Gateway just before an estate-type cottage.  Impressive.

10.  Carreg Waun Llech  Llangynidr.  

SO 16387-17378

I missed this one.  Worth another try.
 Not my pic.
11.  Llansantffraed/Talybont.  Giles Stone.

SO 1167-2374

Untypical large broad stone to N of Talybont.  Access from road between Talybont and Llansantffraed.  Friendly farmer chatted.
12.  Craig y Fan Ddu.  Talybont/Merthyr.  Three parallel stone rows.

SO 0563-1806

I might not have found this !  I located a scatter of recumbent stones in the right area, but they were unconvincing.  Might be worth another visit.  Involves a considerable climb along a well marked path rising from a car-park, then a scramble over a rough and boggy moor to the right.  Possible candidate for a Thom-type alignment.  My pic below.  Probably too high up the hill.

Next Outing(s).  

1. Great Oak. Crickhowell. Standing Stone.  SO 2218-1846 (missed on last trip)

2. Carreg Waun Llech.  Llangynidr. Standing Stone.  SO 16387-17378

3. Craig y Fan Ddu.  Talybont/Merthyr.  Three parallel stone rows.    SO 0563-1806.  Try again !

4. Ty Illtyd. Chambered tomb  SO 0984-2637.  Inscribed crosses.

5. Llanhamlach Standing Stone.  SO 0893-2675
.  Small stone.  C8 cross in nearby church.  Right hand side of A40 in hedge opposite church

6. Brecon:  Maen Du Well.  
SO 0390-2963.  Priory well  SO 0452-2906

7. Battle. Standing Stone. SO 00627-30638.  Big one.

8. Fennifach/Cradoc.  Standing Stone. SO 017-302

9. Tralong.  C11 cross in church and lintel with Ogham script SN 966-296

10. Mynydd Illtyd Standing Stone 1.
SN 976-265   both rather small

11. Mynydd Illtyd Standing Stone 2. SN 963-255  

12. Defynnog Christian Stone in church. Also Celtic font. 
SN 9253-2793 

12. Trecastle. Motte & Bailey.  

14.  Llywel.  Ogham Stones in Church
SN 869-300

15. Pigwn.  Usk River.  Stone Circles, Stone Row, Large Roman Camp  SN 833-311

16.  Gwern Wyddog.  Standing Stone.  SN 833-283 

17.  Mynydd Myddfai.  Two Standing Stones.  SN 8056-2843
18. Bylchau Blaenclyach Standing Stone.  Not marked on OS map.   SN 804-265

19.Site Name: Maen Leuci stone setting Alternative Name: Sbeis Melin Quincunx
Country: Wales County: Powys Type: Standing Stones
Nearest Town: Sennybridge  Nearest Village: Trecastle
Map Ref: SN85202156

20. Site Name: Waen Llechi Alternative Name: Fforest Fawr, Waun Lleuci
Country: Wales County: Powys Type: Standing Stone (Menhir)

Map Ref: SN855215  Landranger Map Number: 160